When designing your bathroom, from planning the layout to choosing the perfect tile, there’s a lot to think about.

With many practical considerations to keep in mind, it’s important to consider not only the functionality and durability but also the overall look of the space. Remember, functionality and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive.

Every room in your home should evoke a particular feeling so when working with customers in the showroom, I always ask how they want to feel in the space, and the answer often involves creating a fresh, clean, and spa-like environment.

To make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa, it’s important to choose the right colours and tile textures. During the design process, we put together a mood board, so that customers are able to picture their soon-to-be dream bathroom, and we’ve had many happy customers who love the end result.

But that’s only half of it.

When you go into a hotel bathroom and it feels fancy, it’s not just because they’ve installed a brass tap and polished tile. It’s because they’ve styled it. They’ve added those fluffy towels and luxurious soaps and although you may not realise it – it elevates your experience.

So why wouldn’t you want this in your own bathroom? It’s easy to bring it together with some clever styling. Here’s how:


A green tiled bathroom with an open faced wooden shelving unit on the wall

To give your bathroom a fresh and cohesive look, start by investing in new towels. Choose a colour that complements your tiles and get a full set to avoid the untidy look of mismatched towels.

If you love your new carefully selected vanity unit and sink, you should consider what you put next to it. I highly recommend getting some fancy soap or a nice decanter to complete the look – in fact, I insist upon it!

Additionally, your newly installed beautiful shower niches will look cluttered if filled with mismatched shampoo bottles. So, replace them with some glass soap dispensers and take just five minutes to fill them. This simple step can add a touch of luxury to even the quickest of showers and give you a little bit of time back to yourself. And remember, your bathroom is just like any other room in your house so consider those decorative touches. Plants, candles and even artwork are a lovely way to accessorise.

Factor in storage

Simple storage solutions in the form of a basket for toilet paper

If multiple members of your family use the same bathroom and you don’t have time to decant your shampoo, then having clever storage options is essential.

One solution is to invest in simple storage baskets that can be conveniently carried to the shower or bath and filled with your personal toiletries. You can keep these baskets out of sight by storing them in a cupboard or vanity.

Additionally, you can store toilet paper in baskets or toilet roll holders, and toothbrushes in holders if you don’t have a designated unit for these items.

Remember, everything in your bathroom should have its place and anything on show should be nice to look at!

Follow some simple design rules

Bath salts and a trailing plant sit on a shelve

To enhance your bathroom décor, there are simple design principles you can follow.

Firstly, group your accessories such as candles or shampoo bottles in odd numbers, starting with three. Vary the height of the items to create visual appeal. If you have a long vanity or shelf, it’s an excellent place to add accessories.

Secondly, mix warm and cool textures such as wood and stone with tiles or glass to add depth and warmth.

Lastly, if you have patterned tiles, choose accessories or towels that match the colours in the tile pattern to create a cohesive look.

Your new bathroom is an investment in your house of course, but it also means investing in your daily routine, so why not make the most of it?

Fran, a woman with brunette hair opens a folder while sitting on a steps.

In my role as an Interior Design Consultant and Coach at 155 Interior Design, my mission is to help you design a room that suits your lifestyle and bring it together, so it feels like an elevated version of your personal style. I’ll guide you in breaking down your ideas into manageable tasks, helping you achieve your end goal. 

I am here to help with various needs such as power hour sessions to inspire you towards improving your home, creating mood boards and shopping lists, or simply providing accountability to ensure that your projects are completed. You’ll find me at www.155interiordesign.com, on Instagram @155interiordesign or email info@155interiordesign.com to book a free consultation.